Why Does Voting Matter? A Quick Explanation

[VIDEO] Anirudh from Rights Info said "human rights laws protect our right to free and fair elections." But the rules were not always this way, and some countries still have no voting process.

Out of 195 independent countries, 115 have what is classified as an "electoral democracy," meaning that the "government can be changed by the people through elections."

Many countries on this website are listed as "pseudo-democracies," meaning that the countries have a democracy "on paper" but the government obstructs free and fair elections.

In the U.S. 2016 presidential election, only 58 percent of eligible voters went to the polls and cast their vote.

"It's your call whether or not to decide to vote," Anirudh said. "But voting is a privilege that not everyone has, and I think we should use it."

Put yourself in someone's shoes who lives in a country where voting is unfair or not allowed. How do you think you would feel? What would that society be like, if you could imagine? Let us know in the comments section below.