It’s time to prepare our students for the Test of Life, and not a Life of Tests


The story begins with a belief that every child deserves to attend a school that is inspiring, challenging, supportive, safe and healthy, engaging, and built on mutual respect.


Every child needs competencies for success beyond the test score—skills for the tests of life, a life of college, career, contribution, and caring.

Someone has to take responsibility for schools to become cohesive and coherent places to accomplish the above goals. 

Key Themes

  • Every child is deserving

  • Every child requires specific competencies and character virtues for future positive success

  • We need educators in school and after school who are prepared to make this happen

  • Those educators need a community of support, collaboration and practical ideas

  • Our approach emphasizes ways to provide the necessary supports and a shared vision

From work with over 1,000 schools in the United States and internationally, we have learned how to inspire and support others in implementing social-emotional and character competence and improving school culture and climate.