The site was created for adolescents to exercise political expression and hear from other youth around the country.

In the U.S., there are opportunities everywhere! We want this page to show how you can push your limits and understand yourself through thoughtful stories. We want you to find something that inspires you! 

This is a space for you to learn what other young people care about and how to get involved in your political environment. It can be frustrating when it feels like there is nobody listening to your thoughts. We created this site for youth to weigh in on issues going on around them. 

How to use the site

Adults and Teachers: This page can be a tool in the classroom or at home! All content was approved by members of the SECD Lab at Rutgers University. The site will change monthly, with new posts going up and old posts being archived yet still accessible. To find a previous post, use the search bar on the homepage. 

We recommend adolescents interact on the site by commenting on articles or submitting ideas for posts as an activity for current events, for clubs in school, or as part of out-of-school programs. Be sure to check out the activity of the month which will include games and art projects to do at home or in the classroom. 

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