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Grades K-1

Each file’s name includes a guide to its lesson name, source, grades, SEL skills, and character virtues as indicated below:

File Name: Lesson Name _ Source _ G (grades k-8) S (SEL skills 1-7) C (character virtues 1-18).pdf

SEL Skills

  1. Emotional Awareness

  2. Emotion Regulation and Focus

  3. Recognizes and Respects the Feelings and Perspectives of Others

  4. Establishes and Maintains Cooperative Relationships

  5. Constructively Resolves Interpersonal Conflict

  6. Independent Decision Making

  7. Problem Solving in Groups

Character Virtues

1. Pride
2. Respect
3. Teamwork/cooperation
4. Citizenship
5. Empathy
6. Gratitude
7. Leadership
8. Self-control
9. Problem Solving

10. Responsibility
11. Integrity
12. Fairness
13. Kindness/compassion
14. Perseverance
15. Perspective Taking
16. Self-awareness
17. Feelings
18. Conflict Resolution

Download the index in Microsoft Excel to sort by grade, SEL skill or character virtue.