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AERA 2018 Symposium: Using SECD To Turn Around Urban Schools

Response To Attendee Notecards

Paper 1_SECD For School Turnaround

Paper 2_outcomes Of A School-wide SECD Intervention

Paper 3_association Of Character, Purpose, SEL, Climate

Paper 4_Tier 1 And Tier 2 SECD Interventions

Elias Presentation Materials: 2017

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Selected Presentations 

Providence, RI Public Schools SEL 2.0 and STAT Nov. 2018
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NYC SEL STAT & MOSAIC Presentation Nov. 6 2018
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Promoting Social and Emotional Learning in Young Children
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NASP 2017: Presentation On Mosaic & Positive Purpose
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New York City School Social Workers Conference 2017
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Turnaround Schools Presentation From FEA/NJPSA/NJASCD Conference, Oct. 2016
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Maurice Elias: NJEA 2016 Presentation About Youth Purpose
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