A Sample of STAT: Yes-No-Maybe

To get a taste of the STAT teaching strategies, we have provided several helpful resources for one of the strategies, known as "Yes-No-Maybe." Yes-No-Maybe is a quick, easy, fun, and interactive activity that empowers students to share their opinions about a lesson topic without judgment from their peers. Over time, Yes-No-Maybe creates a safe environment in which students can broaden their perspective, hone their communication skills, and improve their social interactions.

Teaching Strategies Word Document

The Yes-No-Maybe teaching strategy word document will inform you on how to carry out Yes-No-Maybe in your classroom.

Yes-No-Maybe: Current event

Yes-No-Maybe: Historical event


The STAT teaching strategies are developed from a previous program called MOSAIC. This brief video displays a teacher and class using the Yes- No-Maybe teaching strategy in a classroom setting.

This webinar recording is a helpful resource to better understand STAT as a whole and its teaching strategies.

To learn more and access all of the STAT teaching strategies, sign up on our Teaching Strategies page, where you will have access to “Norms,” “Yes-No-Maybe,” “Respectful Debate,” and “PLAN.”