How a viral video demonstrates one school's strong sense of community

You have probably seen the video of students huddled around a computer, eagerly awaiting their classmate's admissions decision into Harvard University.

Ayrton Little, the student who was accepted, attends TM Landry College Preparatory School, an independent K-12 school in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

The school's line-up of acceptances include Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth, Brown, and Wesleyan, among others. But the school was not always so well-respected.

Tracy and Michael Landry, who founded the school 12 years ago, said their dream was met with disbelief.

"When my wife and I started the school people laughed at us," Michael said, according to CBS News.

While it is a college prep school near Lafayette, most of the families are not well-off.

Even the Landrys sometimes struggle to make payroll, but the school culture they have built has shaped the lives of everyone who attends.

Michael told the Boston Globe that typically every student gets to open their letters in "the situation room," where classmates gather to show support for each other during admissions season.

Whether they are accepted or not, the students uplift and have created a familial bond with one another.

TM Landry encourages students from kindergarten through high school to tutor each other and encourage their pursuit of knowledge, which is a major component of the school's atmosphere.

What could your class do to improve the school climate and the way students care for each other? Is there anything from TM Landry that you'd like to see in place in your school? Let us know in the comments!