Have beauty brands failed people of color? [VIDEO]


Singer Rihanna's "Fenty Beauty" makeup line was released in September and took the fashion and makeup communities by storm. What made the brand stand out from existing companies is that Fenty Beauty has 40 shades of foundation.

According to the Vox report, Rihanna's successful makeup line has challenged the notion that the market for deeper shades isn't profitable for cosmetic companies.

The lack of darker skinned representation is not only a problem with the cosmetic industry, but also a problem with the people in charge of making the products.

If you want to make products such as foundations and concealers, you will usually enter the field of organic or inorganic chemistry, since you need to understand how chemicals interact with the surfaces of the skin.

But from a 2014 demographic breakdown, only 18 percent of American Chemical Society members were people of color.

There is also the problem of skin-whitening products in the makeup industry, which exist in places like India, Africa, and Asia, but are also still used in the United States.

Vox reported that in 2015, the skin whitening industry was worth about $10 billion worldwide, and by 2024, it is expected to more than triple to $31.2 billion.

Beauty brands should do more to represent people of color, since they make up a great deal of the population. If Fenty Beauty is any indication, people are ready to buy darker shades to the point of selling out of stock.

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