2013-2014: The Creation of the Life, College and Career Advisory (LCCA)

The Life, College and Career Advisory

Responses to 2013 School Climate data involved a collaborative process for creating the LCCA, which is a daily school wide advisory to build students' social emotional competence and character, and the role for Student Ambassadors to discuss the climate data with peers and engage in joint problem-solving with the goal of improving their school environment.

Student Ambassadors

Each class has one or two elected ambassadors. These students remain ambassadors for three years (through 8th grade) unless they are removed for disciplinary or academic reasons, after probation. Ambassadors facilitate weekly discussions with their classes about school related concerns--Ambassador Fridays. Ambassadors bring this feedback to student councils and these councils or other administration respond to ambassador feedback with regular reports that they share with their classroom advisories. 

The hallmark of this collaborative process is to empower staff and students to take ownership of their school and to increase school contentedness and a sense of positive purpose beyond test scores. 

2014 School Climate Data

Percentage of students who reported that bullying was infrequent and that students feel safe: 31%

Percentage of students that reported that students treat each other with respect: 39.8%

Percentage of teachers/staff who reported that teaches and staff support and respect each other: 75%

Percentage of teachers/staff who reported feeling respected and supported by parents: 71.4%